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Q: Do you offer female DJ Drops?
A: Yes we do. We offer both male & female dj drops.

Q: How long does it take to get my DJ drop?
A: It usually takes 48-72 business hours. We have a team of 3 audio engineers who will work on your dj drop.

Q: Can you make me a free DJ drop?
A: No. It takes 3 audio engineers to make dj drops. You can view our samples here.

Q: What is the most popular DJ drop you guys offer?
A: Our old school dj drops is currently the most popular dj drops.

Q: Do you guys offer a dj drop maker?
A: Yes. We offer a DIY dj drop creator

Q: How do I download my dj drop?
A: Once your dj drop is created we will email you the files.

Q: Do you offer spanish dj drops?
A: Yes we offer dj drops in multiple languages.

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